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Forever Founder Benefits!

These Founder Packages are the absolute rock bottom prices, less than 7 cents/user forever for you. Delightfully is a team platform, which means you join with your other builders. You all grow, you all succeed.
That's the winning model.

  • Lifetime Price
  • 20% off any paid future products.
  • First Come First Serve
  • Founder Feature Priority List
  • Premium Support: Always talk to a person
  • First Mover Advantage: Stand out!

Pro Founder

Lifetime Yearly Subscription
650 users
4* Builders on your team
Price/user/mo= €.08
Total €599 (2 mo FREE)

Pro+ Founder

Lifetime Yearly Subscription
2000 users
8* Builders on your team
Price/user/mo= €.07
Total €1599 (2 mo FREE)

Enterprise+ Founder

Lifetime Yearly Subscription
9000 users
12* Builders on your team
Price/user/mo= €.06
Total €6990 (2 mo FREE)

* Number of builders is a variable that you enter. These are examples of the collaborative sharing Delightfully recommends.
* Choosing the right package means to look to the future with your team. Plan for your teams success!
* All pricing is excluding sales tax / VAT / BTW

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