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How to run a proper intro challenge

Naos Wilbrink
March 27, 2021
Reading time: 10 minutes
What are the right ratios to look for in a Delightfully Intro challenge?
What are the right ratios to look for in a Delightfully Intro challenge?

Setting the stage

This case study is the first one. It will address the metrics you should respect in order to get an enrolment rate of 70% of the new people in an Intro Challenge.

What is an intro challenge?

Image of the sales fases & active New Business cycle.
Image of the sales fases & active New Business cycle.

An intro challenge is used by essential oil builders for new business. To help people discover the added value of essential oils. The intro challenge is organised by a Challenge Owner assisted by a few Challenge Coaches. All of these are builders or sharers. They are able to sample the people they invite to join the Challenge.

The recipe for a good challenge:

  • Per challenge there is one Challenge Owner (they lead / drive the challenge)
  • Per challenge you need between 15 and 30 people
  • Every Challenge Coach (on average) invites 3 people (sampled by the Challenge Coach)
  • Every challenge is supplemented with 5 relatively inactive people in your downline(s)
  • One pretty gift for the winner of the challenge. (usually the person who posts the most)
  • Send out samples to every invitee, one drop per day (of the challenge) per oil.

The objective of the challenge is to have the people you've invited try and post about as many different ways to use the samples and find multiple WOW-moments. That is why the app has preloaded content, so your invitees can get inspiration how to try them. The invitees will also see the experiences of the others within their challenge round. They can get inspired by their peers.

Get a glass of water

You kick-off the challenge with a zoom call (you can record and place into the app for other to see later). During the kick-off call (15 minutes) you explain the do's and don'ts with the product. And the different forms of how to apply them. You ask all the invitees to bring a glass of water. This will be your first post AND for most of them the first introduction with essential oils. You tell them to place a drop of (for example) peppermint into the water and drink it. Now urge them to follow the steps in app to make their first post. (this will get them over the fear of technology).
You end the call with the present they can win and how they can win it.

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Points of contact

The amount of touchpoints people need for a sale is about 12 times. This means that people need 12 interactions with the product or company before they decide to move forward with a purchase. But how to touch, without harassing? The last thing you want is to become that 'sales' friend. Let's review the number of touchpoints of invitees in a challenge:

  • On average every invitee posts 3 times
  • There are 15 people
  • On average 4 comments per post
  • On average 8 likes per post

This totals to the following. On average 45 different ways of using the product. 180 comments and 360 likes. All together that is 585 touchpoints over 15 people. That translates to 39 touchpoints on average. It's 3 times the recommended amount.

The day-3-call

Before the extra meeting was introduced in the workflow people lost sales because invitees bought their products online from other vendors. That is why the day-3-call was put into the flow. Some of your invitees are ready to buy after 3 days of interaction. The 3-day-call is to kickstart the "weekenders".
Challenges often start on a Monday or Tuesday and run across the weekend. You will see a clear divide between weekenders and weekers posting. After 3 days some invitees haven't posted yet. You call them (another point of contact), and you ask them what trouble they are having with the app. Usually a story follows. Go with the story and then propose to do one post together. Now they will continue the game! "And hurry person X has already done Y posts".

During the rest of the experience, your invitees will receive some push notifications reminding them to post and when to get ready.

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You invitees will have to join the closing call in order to be a potential winner. On top of that ALL your builders in the challenge make call appointments with the people for after the closing call (15 mins).
The closing call will go into sharing hi lights, followed by explanation how to get them and the different type of accounts you can enrol under. The last thing you show are the packages that are current for that time + costs. This will have set the stage. During the individual calls (they MUST be within 24 hours of the challenge) 70% will signup.

It's that simple

You have seen what works. The ask is simple: "Will you join a challenge?".
After they say "yes" you provide the samples. They all show for the opening call which is followed by an intense but FUN discovery tour. Incedently maximising points of contact.
Don't forget the 3-day-call, and within 24 hours of ending the challenge you will be 70% successful in giving your invitee the option for a healthier, happier, more natural lifestyle.

The choice of success is yours! and it's that simple!