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Growing your business online: 3 Uncomfortable Truths

Shawna Snow
April 8, 2021
10 minutes
You know it's true, and when you read it you realize you will need to change a few things. What will you do first?
You know it's true, and when you read it you realize you will need to change a few things. What will you do first?


Would you like to know how Delightfully can help you rapidly grow your online business, rejection-proof your downline builders, and give you an unfair advantage when it comes to prospecting and recruiting? Great, because that’s what I am going to do.

But first, I want to ask you a question:

  • When your downline comes to you for advice, do you expect them to build their business the same way you did? Think back to when you first started out.
  • What was the world like? What was the culture regarding social media? Was that even a thing?
  • Did you build mostly offline?
  • When did you get a website?

I bet most of you started a few years ago and were able to establish funnels (before they were called that), and found your stride. Your success in your business was your leadership in teaching others to duplicate your model. How is it going now? Are you seeing things change? Is your team seeing the success that you had in the same time period it took you?

I know what you’re thinking,... there are many factors that play into success, and you’re right. I am going to talk about the factors that you can control. The external advice and tools that can give your team that unfair advantage mentioned above. I’ll do that as I share the 3 uncomfortable truths.

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The first uncomfortable truth: “Build it and they will come.” is dead.

Maybe you were lucky enough to get your website up and running when this was enough. Simply having a presence on the internet was the credibility needed for others to trust you. That is not the case anymore. Today’s customers are way more sophisticated. Website’s for your downline - if they don’t have one now, they will spend thousands of dollars and hours building one and will see very little return unless they continue to spend money and time. Have you noticed the shift in the sophistication of website design and how you need more than a website to draw in customers? You need funnels, a CRM system, social media accounts, email lists, etc. A website alone is dead.

The second uncomfortable truth: Disrupters and Accelerators are changing how we need to market.

We, as a human race, do not like change. Let’s face it, we don’t. We are usually forced into change only when a crisis hits. Why? Well #psychology, but we won’t get into that now. It’s an insane pattern and if you think about it, it creates a lot of suffering in the world. This is why education and knowledge is not enough to change people… ok wait, I’m starting to get off topic..

Disruptors often act as accelerators to innovation. Something happens that changes a system, market or way of thinking very quickly. Think about when the iPhone first launched. Think about how covid is disrupting how businesses are running, how schools are educating, how people are connecting. It’s focing innovation to meet the new demands and crises  that are emerging.  

This is the second uncomfortable truth you must recognize in your current business. Distrupers cause innovations in business and if your business doesn’t innovate, but simply evolves, you’ll be behind and miss the opportunity for growth. This loops back to your downline. Perhaps your funnels and systems are surviving now, but those of your downline aren’t as strong so what is the best course of action for them?

What’s the best way to coach and lead them as the world is quickly shifting into new ways of living and doing business? Can you simply rely on what worked for you a few years ago?

We’ve hit on the deadness of a build it and they will come” model, how new innovations are changing how we need to reach out and now I want to share with you the last uncomfortable truth that focuses on the changes from the customer’s vantage point.

The Third uncomfortable truth: Valued Centered Market, “How will this product/service help me?” and “Can I use/experience this on my own time?” (flexibility/autonomy:  Think Netflix)

You may have noticed this in your own experience of purchasing products and services. Customers want to try out a product before buying it, free give-aways for exchange for an email address, etc. There are value exchanges all over the place (we do it too!)

This is a way to build trust with your audience. It follows the pattern of know, like, trust.

How are your builders creating value online?

Offline sales in a way, was much easier, but a lot more time consuming, right? But way more impactful, that is, if you like making friends and talking to people. Building trust online is a whole different thing. So now there’s loads of companies teaching other companies how to take the best of the offline world and combining it with the best of the online world (Digital Transformation).

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How is your business transitioning? Think of how you train your builders, how you interact with your current customers and how you keep track of new customers? How do you get information out? Give value to them all? It’s a lot, right?

What if you could give your downline builders a tool that would rejection-proof your builders, house all the ways they guide others in using essential oils and other EO products that you could track, and keeps the database of all the activity without it being out there on a social media platform - all this leading to rapid growth for your business?