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Create Magic for Others

Shawna Snow
Thursday, April 8, 2021
7 minutes
Engagement comes from a desire to change, connect, and grow. Your magic is the secret ingredient. Delightfully is seeing new ways being created from our tribe and want to share with you how this can also benefit your tribe. We've talked about "challenges", and now we introduce "quests" and "studies".
Engagement comes from a desire to change, connect, and grow. Your magic is the secret ingredient. Delightfully is seeing new ways being created from our tribe and want to share with you how this can also benefit your tribe. We've talked about "challenges", and now we introduce "quests" and "studies".

In our changing world, we all need to be able to pivot at any time. One of the benefits of being an entrepreneur is the space to create the work you want to do. It’s in our DNA to create, it is what fuels us and inspires others. In this item, we are going to show you how you can stretch your creative juices to inspire others to a healthier lifestyle, and have fun along the way.

Delightfully is a private social platform, meaning you can have the experience of being with others, without the distractions and tracking of large social media sites. And we added a catalog of inspiring uses for the products you want your clients to use and share. Imagine a Facebook group with a catalog of oils and applications all in one place!

As Delightfully grows, it’s exciting to see how it’s already changing! We’ve only been out on the market a few months and we are happy to share with you more ways you can engage with your clients.

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You know that engagement is key to keeping your clients in the zone of happiness and health as they create daily habits with essential oils. The excitement builds as they feel more empowered to make healthier choices. With this in mind, we’ve classified the different types of engagement you can create for your clients. These are based on what YOU offer: Sales, Service, and Content. Which makes for the following diagram:

A. Challenges B. Quests C. Group Engagement D Studies



Challenges are meant to be done in a short and set period of time. People are invited and they understand that there are rules of engagement and a prize or reward at the end for participating. You, as they lead, decide how long, what products are used. Delightfully provides a challenge template for you to start straight away! Read the instructions for the Challenge Template.



A quest is a longer journey, and it feels more personal, yet it’s done alongside others. Quests are designed for those who are in your downline, wanting to dive deeper into their knowledge and applications. Quests can be two weeks, a  month or whatever time period you decide. They can have as many products as you like, and you can even keep them open and add people as they are ready, allowing them to see the journey of those before them.

One way to use a quest:
The Top Ten oil template has over one hundred uses for the home essentials/family essential kit. Create a quest with this template and invite those in your downline who are new, or re-engaged.
Give it a fun name… like, ‘Quest for living like a warrior healer’. Frame it like you’re training them to be that protector. Within us all is the wild woman archetype that compels us to seek out the mystical, even if it feels a little risky. Choose images that speak to those archetypes. Using natural products draws us closer to nature, to the wild, to the story of a quest, a journey, a better, slightly magical way of living. And using these little brown vials, it sort of feels like that, so play with it.
Each day presents the tasks as if they are on a quest… have fun with it.

Other quest ideas people have used:

  • ‘Clean your house like a BOSS’ and focus the top ten on cleaning - detoxing the home.
  • ‘How many items can you replace in a month?’
  • ‘Tap into plant magic’

Delightfully has other Quest template’s you can use which you can read more about them here.

Group engagement

Open group engagement

In between the service & sales element you have people who havent said YES nor NO. For this Delightfully has the group wall. You can share general messages or repost posts from challenges. People who see the wall can see what they are missing. So during this time they can get comfortable with the concept before they take the step.

It's a great resting ground, and also a good alternative for your Whatsapp and Facebook groups. Just use the general wall to publish what ever you like.


These are like Masterclasses, or oil studies where you want your clients to dive into a specific content set on a topic. These topics can be anything from Emotions/Oils, Science of EO’s, to a mindfulness focus, or how to build a business… whatever you want to offer as a study. They can be longer periods of time, or crafted experiences that can be done as a self study.
For instance, Delightfully has ‘15 days of Joy”. It’s a study or a practice incorporating essential oils with the practices of increasing Joy from the book, “The Book of Joy”. Each day there is a task paired with an oil.
Alignment is another study that pairs 4 oils with practices to increase alignment with tasks they choose.
You can create or transfer what you currently teach on Delightfully’s platform, offering your clients a safe and focused place where they can access the uses, tasks, and shared experience of others who are following the same content stream.

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Content Bundles:

You love these ideas, and your thinking, I don’t have TIME to create all this stuff!!

No problem, we can do this for you. For a small fee, we will create the tasks and content for you. Give us the idea and the oils you want to use, and we will design it for you.

Languages: We also offer translations of the content into the language of your choice for a small fee as well.

Let Delightfully co-create with you to spark some magic in your team, to delight, engage and show them how they can be the healers, protectorsand warriors for empowerment, health and wellness in their homes, family and community.

Photo by Greg Rakozy on Unsplash