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Big update - New features coming - What does it mean for how I build?

Naos Wilbrink
Saturday, March 27, 2021
6 minutes
Thousands of people using the app have also given us feedback. The challenges are great! BUT when there is no challenge the app is so empty. The upcoming release is packed with some big changes to improve your groups' experience.
Thousands of people using the app have also given us feedback. The challenges are great! BUT when there is no challenge the app is so empty. The upcoming release is packed with some big changes to improve your groups' experience.

Imagine an Instagram feed exclusively for essential oils without any filters or distractions with your clients and potential clients. Imagine that feed connects people directly to challenges, studies and ways to try essential oils, and all the content for them to try it in the same place. It's like a social platform with a user catalog connected to a Facebook group type of environment - all in one place! 

Many of you use Social Media like Facebook, Instagram or Whatsapp (all owned by Facebook) to build and maintain your network. Some of you run your sales funnels through them.

Did you know you can get free marketing coaching with Facebook for ads? Did you know that the coach will tell you that unless you start paying for ads, the likelihood of your audience seeing your ad is highly unlikely. The point is, the face of social media continues to change. It's becoming more expensive and more difficult to find your target audience. In fact, it's even a challenge for the people that like your page or group to see your posts.
You have content you want your people to see. You have a community to build and these platforms will continue to make you pay more and more for the 'free' access you had years ago.

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Let's turn that obstacle in an opportunity, shall we? Delightfully's new upgrade gives you all the benefits of an IG feed for prospects, and current team where you can share freely and without obstruction or filters. You will be 100% in control of everything on your group wall. You can directly invite all to any offer and hold that offer on Delightfully itself - so you'd have an unlimited number of "Facebook-like groups" experiencing oils and other EO products.

Highlights of the latest release:

Extended Video Capacity

Delightfully now has video compression for up to 1 hour, so you can post your YouTube, zoom, or other video teaching links, or post a video directly in the app without having to create a link on an external platform.

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Group Wall (always present)

This is the most exciting new feature. When you or someone in your group invites them to join, all will see a Group wall, very similar to an IG feed or home feed on FB. Here are the benefits of the Group Wall

  • No filters or algorithms.
  • You are 100% in control of what is posted
  • No Outside advertising.
  • Participants of offers in your group can post their experiences on the group wall for all to see- like a huge group share.
  • Prospects can hang out, ask questions, and see the upcoming EO offers for challenges, quests and studies and can join with a simple click.
  • All your builders can post their upcoming offers so.your whole team can see all that is offered.
  • Multiligual - if your team speaks more than 1 language, they will see the app in their language and can create content in their own language without needing to create a new channel.
  • People can ♥ a post and it will save in their favourites.

10 Free account

Each person who downloads the app will have a free account with up to 10 people for them to create an experience to share essential oils with one of the pre-filled content templates provided.

You no longer need to wonder who is seeing your posts. You no longer have to worry if your content is being flagged or account deleted. You don't need to pay for ads for your people to see your upcoming events. On Delightfully, you've got your own private social network. All Essential Oils.

All you. All the time.

PS. The update isn't out yet, it is being implemented by our great development team. As soon as it's ready we will let you know! Send an email if want to receive a notification!

Photo by Ashley Rich on Unsplash