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About Delightfully

Like all great products Delightfully has a backstory! Born amidst the covid crisis of 2020. On this page you can read all about it and it's founders. Feel welcome to reach out to any of us at any time. We are here to help.


The Facebook mistake

Shawna is a WA with dōTERRA. She had arranged for her South African business side to host a big class/event. About 50 people would attend. Organised on the beautiful farm: Rosemary Hill (it's worth a holiday). COVID, so trip canceled and the event too. Most of the attendees still wanted the information!

She went on Facebook and started a group.  She switched the oils from the expensive ones to the basic 3. Then created a PDF with several example uses. Used a whatsapp group to tell people what to try and how.

This was amazing! Great interaction, great enrolments! One downside, organising this on Facebook meant, befriending everyone (even those you don't know, and all of a sudden they see the kids pictures too?). And when doing a Challenge you want a winner. This meant scrolling through the feed. Then she counted post by post the interactions of the people.

Facebook was a good start, but not good enough to do this long term.

* And let's not talk about what Facebook does with all the information they collect from you.

Global usage

Queue serendipity! Naos started dabbling with low/no code coding platforms. Here it was! The ideal project to build a private Facebook/Instagram like feed. People could read about how to use essential oils on their own time, and share.

Built only for Shawna and her upline, the first web app was born. The original version, built in 2 days. Soon the requests came in.

Over the next 4 months many teams used this prototype and reached tremendous results. From higher enrolments to churn prevention. And this role into the rediscovery of FUN! Lot's of builders where getting their fun back into building. Everyone is working together, sharing, and enjoying.

Bonus effect is that a lot of natural knowledge sharing occurred within the group.  And because it was an app and lifestyle focussed it attacked a younger audience.

So many amazing developments! This needed a bigger audience.

For builders! Risk free

With so much enthusiasm from teams and prospects it was easy to find an initial Angel Investor.

Delightfully could now become a native app! You can install it on your phone. It's like Facebook/Instagram/Whatsapp but private.

Planned to launch on Dec 1. the app hit a snag when dōTERRA legal and compliance wanted to make sure the company and the offering was legit. Early February Delightfully received the official go ahead.

The app is still getting upgraded as we move forward. The goal of the app is to get your prospects to try as many different ways as possible. For this the app has different Challenge Templates (example uses).

Builders pick their template and then ask their prospects to share their experience. Right now you can post pictures, video's and as leaders you can assign tasks to your challenge. Guiding people through the best experience to match their need.

100% private. 100% your data. 100% fun & effective.
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People behind Delightfully

Delightfully is collaboration.

The app is built in Flutter by 3 amazing developers, and the scalable backend runs on trusted JAVA with a REST API + Graph QL interface.
The Product Owner oversees their efforts and ensures extensive testing and quality assurance is done prior to release.


Three great independed UX and UI designers have created the app flow.
Two people, are on the sales team, getting the word out.
One person matters: YOU our client. Send us a message and we'll guide you through the process.