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How it works

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Sample prospects

Sampling prospects can be very challenging. Delightfully makes this super easy. Create a challenge, then invite. Sample only those who join. With the built in Invite integration, it’s scalable.
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Feed curiosity

They have the samples and the Challenge begins! Delightfully has sample uses built in! You don't need to be an expert to have your people experience the products. They can browse the usages/applications, and even keep them for future reference.
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Most people need at least will 12 touch points before committing to buy. During the challenge your people will have at least 12, if not more. They will fall in love with the product, experiencing the value it brings into their life! All you need to do is show them how to get.
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Delightfully profesionalizes your business

Team Focus

Team focus

Run challenges on your own or with your team. Delightfully is built for collaboration. Work together and build momentum!

Great Customer Service

You are important! We are ready for you through: Whatsapp business chat, Freshdesk, and email.
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Mutli lingual

Experience Delightfully in your native language. Tell us your language and we'll add it.

Pre-loaded content

No need to prep a challenge with content, it's done for you. Select the Challenge Template that fits your people, and start.

Download Delightfully and start building Smarter!

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Continuous Delight

Delightfully is here for your entire customer journey.

Intro Challenge for New Enrolees!

Start with a prospecting Challenge. Aim for a 66% enrolment rate.

Top 10 Challenge instead of Classes!
We support you as you switch classes to Delightfully Challenges!

Professional Services
Are you a masseuse, a physio, a therapist? Create custom programs to support your main business with essential oils.
Contact us for options!
Infinity Continuous Delight. New Bus, More Bus, Prof Services, Churn Prevention.

Advance your team faster

Delightfully is for teams. Get a subscription today and we will train your builders how to run unlimited challenges.
  • Professionalise your downline builders
  • Team fun and accountability
  • Post beautiful pictures and upload your own custom video's
  • High engagement of prospects
  • Off social media
  • Reach a younger target audience
  • Content saved as favourites and future reference
Send an email to and we can find the best plan for you.
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Calculate your team's growth!

Do you want to know the bottom line for your team? The calculator below will show you exactly how much you can gain in fast cash/growth after a year. These figures are based on the averages of 9 months of data (world wide). Results may vary.  Email for more details on your specific team solution!
5 star review for Delightfully

For Who

Headshot Khadija Blackwell
My upline introduced it. It was new and I didn't think it would work, but inviting people to be sampled has never been easier. I just ask them to join a challenge and most people do!
Khadija Blackwell
Headshot Yasemin Hutton
I don't like Facebook anymore. It's super that with Delightfully we have our own app. It's like a Facebook group but better, because the app has all the uses already in it. So I only have to sample and invite.
Yasemin Hutton
Headshot Christopher Kearns
Building with challenges and an app has opened up the options for essential oils for my buddies too. It's slick.
Christopher Kearns
Headshot Khadija Dolly Yu
I was building on the side of my practise. Delightfully helped me to get my program on the app. Now I use it as part of my programs. Not only for building but for my normal business too.
Dolly Yu
Headshot Ramone Buxton
This market was ready for a disrupter. That's what this is. Modern building tools for modern builders.
Once you get it, it's so simple to utilise and rollout.
Ramone Buxton
Headshot Florence Elliott
I bought it as a gift to my downline. Naos took the time with my team to help explain it and strategise how to put it to use. My team has taken building to the next level. They stick to the protocols especially my young / new builders! What a delight (pun intended).
Florence Elliott

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